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This product is still under heavy development at this time and is not yet recommended for production systems.

If you would like to make a donation for hardware please email me. For other donations, use the following link:


Current releases are development builds, and I will NOT be held responsible for any damage caused through their use. This release includes controller, Lighting dimmer and Lighting relay modules (we also do have other modules available, email to ask).

This product is still under heavy development at this time and is not yet recommended for production systems (which is why it is time limited, and will likely break in the distant future before final release).Use Legacy mode and link to the extra vegetables driver to use (CNI/SERIAL mode is temporarily disabled).

To get in touch about selling this product, or register interest in the final version please contact me.

Download Latest Version (Pre-Release 5 / 2020-10-18)
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About C-CBUS PowerTools

Clipsal C-BUS is home automation and lighting control product which is sold by Schneider Electic / Clipsal. CBUS uses a BUS system and generally uses a combination centralised wiring back to DIN mounted modules in a switchboard and switches wired back.
CBUS uses an addressing system based on Applications, groups and measurements and levels
This driver is designed to overcome many shortcomings of the existing Control4 Extra Vegetable drivers such as:
  • Import system for CBUS Tags
  • Auto-provisioning/Managed drivers
  • Automatically Add Required Lighting Drivers
  • CBUS Name Management
  • Bus sniffing and Application/Traffic Logger via C4 driver
  • Drop In to existing Extra Vegetables system
  • Cloud Access to allow remote diagnostics

PowerTools Usage:

To use this driver, add the PowerTools driver to your Control4 system. Go to properties, set the password, and connect using the direct address in the driver for that system.

Most people will want to go and import their tags file (from their CBUS Toolkit), go to Status and set the types of modules you want to import, go to provisioning and press provision.

If you don't have the relevant C-BUS tags file, you'll want to trigger all the lights in the system, which will be auto-discovered by the driver, after test it, and rename them as required.

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